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District Wide Broadcast Message

College Bound Student Athletes

The thought of playing at a collegiate level is exciting but can be scary. Your counselor, coach, and administrators are here to help and we do not expect you to do it alone, but YOU are responsible for the process of becoming a college student athlete. 
The Process

The Process

Each college/university may have different admission processes and requirements, but the following should be used as guide
  1.  Register and take the ACT or SAT- in 2022/23 student are not required to take a standardized test to meet the NCAA eligibility requirements
  2. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (for D1 or D2) and/or NAIA Eligibility Center
  3. Apply to the college/universities you are interested in attending during their application period. Each college/university can have a different application period
  4. Fill out and submit FAFSA paperwork
  5. Request your final amateurism certification
  6. Send proof for graduation to the Eligibility Center(s)
  7. Follow steps for admission when accepted