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Pre: A or B in Algebra I or either completed or enrolled in Algebra II
This course is designed for the college-bound student who may need a college chemistry class or the student who has more than a general interest in the subject and wants an in-depth study of the material. This is also a preparatory course for Advanced Chemistry. The class will rely heavily on lab work and will present areas of chemistry designed for the pre-college student. 


Pre: Student meets, or exceeds, OAKS Science standards or instructor approval and successful completion of Honors Chemistry.
This course offers 4 credits of CHEM 101 from Eastern Oregon University (EOU). Students need to have earned an A or B in Honors Chemistry and then earn an A or B in Advanced Chemistry to take the Final offered via EOU. The course offers a second year of chemistry with emphasis on lab work and lecture for the serious chemistry student.
people lighting something on fire
blowtorch heating metal
people holding bubbles
blowtorch heating metal
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