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The leaders of OHS


Must be a class or ASB officer to be in this class.
Leadership is a year-long class for ASB and high school class officers. Students interested in working on leadership activities and projects are welcome to talk with the instructor about joining the class. Working as a team, Leadership plans and implements the high school social calendar, school-wide service projects, and community events. Members of leadership work on class projects while supporting each other in joint school-wide ventures. Weekend and after-school participation is required. 
Many private colleges and some state colleges have a section covering items such as "concern for others," "leadership" and "initiative" on their applications. The classes listed in the Community Leadership Department will help students learn a great deal more about themselves and the community that they live in  while helping them to meet college admission requirements.

ASB OFFICERS 2016-2017

  • President- Libby Draper 
  • Vice-President-Miranda Pariera
  • Secretary- Alan Chew
  • Treasurer- Dallon Johnston
  • Activities Director- Eric Garcia 
  • Public Relations- Quinn Susuki  

Senior Class Representatives

  • Katie Higinbotham
  • Mayra Juarez
  • Jandee Nakamura
  • Taylor Silvers
  • Abby Turner


Junior Class Officers

  • Alex Arocha
  • Corinna Pinson
  • Tyler Tamez
  • Abbey Wood

Sophomore Class Officers

  • Kiera Dwyer
  • Easton Hartley
  • Aliyah Favela

Freshmen Class Officers

  • Sophia Draper
  • Logan Lewis
  • Keyona Navarrete
  • Kaulin King
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