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Web Design

web design


Semester I                                                                                                              Pre: 10 – 12;
Computer graphics with a grade of B or above This course focuses on the overall production process surrounding web site design with particular emphasis on design elements involving layout, navigation, and interactivity. This course will help prepare students for higher education or jobs in the Internet Economy. Students will design web pages using industry standard web design software and Photoshop. This class will give the student the opportunity to combine their software knowledge and creativity to design professional web sites that are pleasing to the eye and easy to use. 


Semester                                                       Pre: 10 – 12; Web Design with a grade of B or above
Students will have the opportunity to use and enhance the skills obtained in Web Design to maintain an active Web Site. The use of advanced editing skills to create graphics and edit pictures for the web site will be done in Photoshop or other programs that are available. Learning how to use TYPO3 to edit the web site and create new content will be emphasized.
student using computer
students using computers
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