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Concert Band & Guitar

band and guitar !!

Beginning Guitar (Guitar 1)

Fall Semester Pre: Students must provide their own equipment. This is an elective course offering beginning instruction for the guitar. Students will learn basic chords, accompaniment techniques, and using a variety of playing styles. This course also includes music fundamentals, theory, songs, performance, listening, composing, improvising, analyzing, and learning how to read standard music notation, chord charts, as well as tablature. Acoustic guitars are preferred. 

Intermediate Guitar (Guitar 2)

Spring Semester Pre: Students must provide their own equipment. This is an elective course that is a continuation of material presented in Guitar I. Students will learn more advanced techniques, and will be expected to perform as part of an guitar ensemble. Acoustic guitars are preferred, though electric guitars are acceptable. Students may even choose to explore the bass guitar. Upon the successful completion of this class, students will be able to read music and tablature, chord charts, and be familiar with playing different styles of music including folk, blues, rock, country, Latin, and classical. 

Concert Band

Year Band is a year course open to any student (grades 9-12) with previous instrumental music experience. Students in this class will form the nucleus of the Marching Band and Basketball Pep Band, in addition to regular Concert Band performances. A wide variety of music for winds and percussion will be studied and performed throughout the year. In addition, students will have individual opportunities to participate in optional events like Solo and Ensemble Contest, Treasure Valley Honor Band (By Audition), and the Conference Music Festival. Attending all full band performances is a course requirement. Beginner students will be accepted on their ability / desire to work hard to grasp musical concepts quickly. Jazz Music will also be covered during the course of the year to help fill out instrumentation in the OHS Jazz Ensemble, if needed. Honors Credit is available. Opportunities for student leadership are also available in the band program. Students can participate in athletics and still be a part of the band program at OHS. 
band and guitar